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Congratulations to our students who made the Summer 2018 semester Deans’ and President’s lists for outstanding academic work.

While we congratulate all students on their excellent academic performance, please note that there are guidelines that we follow to determine which students are listed on the honor roll. Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  • President’s List- 6 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 4.00
  • Dean’s List- 6 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher

Any student who has a question about their eligibility should contact the Registrar’s Office at 225-490-1602.

President's List

Paige Arcement
William Brignac
Reuben Cheng
Rachel Copeland
Tayler Cowart
Jennifer Daniels
Shelby Deynzer
Destiney Dinh
Brandon Dufrene
Kaetlyn Finn
Debra Garon
Gladys George
Emma Hopkins
Emily Jones

Melanie Joseph 
Michelle Kraus 
Harleigh Lirocchi 
Jdee Maness 
Nathania Mangaoil 
Zackery McLin 
Christine Piana 
Jacqueleen Picou 
Kenedie Richardson 
Abby Robicheaux 
Bailey Saucier 
Heather Smith 
Ariel Stoneburner 
Daniel Vicknair

Dean's List

Alexander Arman
Arianna Arman
Matthew Babin
Kyle Biggs
Adrianna Blount
Dylan Borruano
Amanda Brown
Monique Brown
Rachel Buford
Brooke Cannatella
Emily Cronin
Khadine Dalhouse
Katherine Denham
Taylor Dietz
Victoria Ferrara
Abigail Fontaine
Victoria Fontenot
Marisa Foti
Amanda Gibson
Nicholas Gough
Jamie Gremillion
Carmen Harvison
Deonna Jackson
Rachel Kerns
Gabrielle Kimble
Amber Maronge
Susan McDaniel
Ashley McNabb
Yomaira Mesquita
Emily Moreno
Samantha Myers
Lynette Obey
Kelley Parrino
Elise Patin
Son Pham
Sydney Poche
Lori Reeder
Karlie Reitz
Whitney Richardson
Brett Ross
Suzanne Roy
Kaitlyn Samson
Brennan Sibille
Eric Simpson
Leah Tate
Taylor Terrio
Gwenetta Townsel
Alaina Varnadore
Kaitlyn Vince
Tori Whaley

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