Spring 2018 Honor Roll

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President's List

Alyssa Arcement
Paige Arcement
Matthew Arnett
Delayna Arnold
Grayson Barr
Morgan Benoit
Caroline Bergeron
Hillary Bergeron
Sarah Bourgeois
Matthew Bridges
Ashley Buford
Megan Christiano
Gabrielle Clement
Jayla Cornett
Tayler Cowart
Lauren David
Ashton Dewey
Shelby Deynzer
Hailey Drummond
Michelle Duncan
Natalie Edgerton
Donna Fabre
Emily Farnet
Alicia Fisher
Victoria Fontenot
Olivia Frey 
Gladys George 
Ann Green
Miranda Guillory 
Marron Helm 
Madison Jackson 
Macey Jameson
Emily Jones 
Kaycee Kersch 
Devin Kleinpeter
Trung Lam 

Harleigh Lirocchi 
Jason Lowell 
Kaitlyn Maddie
Hannah Maier
Susan McDaniel
Haley McMichael
Danielle Miles
Marguerite Milliner
Kristen Mitchell
Allyson Mitchell
Brooke Morris
Adelaide Musgrove
Laura Norris
Shannon O'Rear
Nicholas Picard 
Madison Picard 
Caleb Puissegur 
Bailey Saucier 
Stephanie Schenck 
Lindsey Sellers 
Chanjuan Shen
Victoria Silvio
Kaleigh Soileau
Addison Sonnier
Roger Stuntz
Grace Tassin 
Justin Turner 
Daniel Verret 
Daniel Vicknair 
Madeleine Walker 
Brittany Walters 
Kasey Weaver 
Clair Williams 
Emily Winter 
Steven Wronkoski

Dean's List

Kayci Anderson
Maria Baca
Ansleigh Barras
Abigail Bergeron
Cassidy Bergeron
Anna Bergeron
Cassandra Bond
Jordana Bourgeois
Jada Branch
Hailey Breaux
Lacie Butler
Kristen Cohran
Rachel Copeland
Khadine Dalhouse
Presley Davis
Taylor Decuir
Jacob Delaune
Holly Desselle
Destiney Dinh
Grant Disbrow
Paige Douglas
Deondre Drummer
Noah Ducote
Brandon Dufrene
Jordan Duhon
Jennifer Dunkley
Jaelyn Dupont
Casey Eichler
Bailey Fairess
Lindsey Falcon
Blakelyn Feucht
Neil Ford
Jodi Fournerat
Morgan Gauthier
Megan Goodrum
Jaime Goranson
Claire Goynes
Crystal Green
Hannah Guillot
Katelyn Hammontree
Carmen Harvison
Shanea Hayden
Courtney Higgins
Meagan Hood
Erika Hudson
Labrelah Hutchins
Deanna Ibrahim
Jessica Indest
Deonna Jackson
Stephan' Johnson
Hannah Jones
Danielle Lambert 
Allie Landry 
Nicholas Lanehart 

Sarah Larroquette 
Hayden Latour 
Beau Leblanc 
Whitney Leblanc
Jeannie Leeder
Joseph Linhuber
Lauren Lovelace
Nathania Mangaoil
Stephanie Marshall
Christopher Matheny
Dominique Matrana
Isabel McCurdy
Chelsea Murray
Lynette Obey
Katelyn Ohmer
Kelley Parrino
Zachary Parrott
Son Pham
Christine Piana
Sydney Poche
Pierce Prevost
Megan Quirk
Julie Rankin
Alexandra Reinhardt
Karlie Reitz
Kenedie Richardson
Whitney Rizzuto
Barbara Roman
Brett Ross
Jessica Roy
Jade Saizan
Terrilynn Saucier
Beth Scalco
Amalia Shaik
Erika Shoaf
Olivia Simoneaux
Eric Simpson
Ashley Soileau
Haley Stone
Ariel Stoneburner
Alyssa Tate
Avery Terrell
Kayla Tims
Courtney Tucker
Alaina Varnadore
Alicia Vick
Leighann Vincik
Mallory Wascom
Jacob Way
Huiyong Wei
Haley Williams
Sommer Williams
Olivia Wilson
Stacy Winder

Related News

  • News

    Spring 2018 Radiologic Technology graduates earn a 100 percent pass rate

    Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University is pleased to announce its Spring 2018 Radiologic Technology graduates earned a 100 percent pass rate on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Certification Exam.

    All 18 of the May 2018 graduates passed the exam on their first attempt.

  • News

    Spring 2018 Honor Roll

    Congratulations to our students who made the Spring 2018 semester Deans’ and President’s lists for outstanding academic work.

    While we congratulate all students on their excellent academic performance, please note that there are guidelines that we follow to determine which students are listed on the honor roll. Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

    President’s List- 12 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 4.00 Dean’s List- 12 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher.

    Any student who has a question about their eligibility should contact the Registrar’s Office at 225-490-1602.

  • 2018 01 20 Free Clinic 1

    FranU Students Participate in the Mission of Mercy Free Dental, Medical, and Vision Care for the Residents of Louisiana

    Baton Rouge held a three day Mission of Mercy event January 19, 20, and 21 near the Baton Rouge airport. Mission of Mercy is an independent nonprofit program that provides free healthcare, dental care, and free prescriptions to the uninsured and under-insured in our communities. FranU students from the Physician Assistant, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs volunteered for the event. Article provided by Valerie Schluter.