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A Message from the President

Congratulations! We are proud that you have reached this major milestone! We look forward to joyfully celebrating your academic accomplishments with you and your friends and family. Yes, we are very proud of all that you have achieved, but we celebrate especially because you have done so as a member of our Franciscan community. It has been a joy and a privilege for us to accompany you along your Franciscan educational and formational journey. We are confident that, as graduates, you have become highly skilled professionals, integrated thinkers and faith-filled leaders. May you continue to grow professionally, intellectually and spiritually as Franciscan servant leaders, and may you always be examples of our Franciscan core values of service, reverence and love for life, humility, justice and joy.


Dr. H.

Online Graduates

Approximately two months before Graduation, all online students will receive an email containing the Graduation packet, and they will be asked to reply to that email with their heights for their caps and gowns if they plan to attend the ceremony. The email will also include instructions on how to verify the names on their diplomas and how to pay any outstanding fees with the Bursar’s office. If you have additional questions, please call the University at (225) 768-1700 to be directed to the appropriate department or staff member. 

Online students are also encouraged to attend Graduation Prep Day if at all possible.

Important Ceremony Details

All graduates should arrive no later than 1:00 p.m. Please note that it is extremely important for all graduates to be at the River Center at this time, as you will begin lining up shortly after.

Please note that Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University and the Raising Cane’s River Center will not be responsible for your personal belongings.

You will not be allowed to go to your family and friends inside the Exhibition Hall at any time prior to graduation.

Upon arrival, please proceed to the student check-In tables where you will be given your name card.  This card will include your full name as it will be announced during the ceremony and your assigned group number for line up.  Do not crumple, tear, or write on your name card.  You are to keep this card and carry it with you to the stage during the ceremony.  Graduate names are read from the cards of those in attendance rather than from a list of all eligible graduates.

Check in with the staff member assigned to your corresponding group number.  This will be your contact person for all specifics related to line up and ceremony procession.

If you are the last person in the line-up for a particular degree and/or academic school, you will receive additional instructions and an additional card to carry with your name card to the stage. ALL instructions for this will be given just prior to the actual ceremony. During the ceremony, you are to follow instructions given by the speaker and/or the row marshals stationed around the arena floor.

A program will be on your seat on the Exhibition Hall floor.

Following the ceremony, you are to recess and return to the original line up area.  At this time, you will pick up your diploma and receive a gift from the Alumni Association.

Dress and Decorum 

Graduates will be issued a cap, gown, and tassel. All regalia pieces you receive are yours to keep.

It is strongly suggested that you wear all regalia to the River Center to ensure you have all items. Extra/additional caps, gowns, or tassels will NOT be available. 

Honor Graduates


Summa Cum Laude graduates will be awarded gold tassels and gold Honor’s cords to be worn with the gown. Magna Cum Laude graduates will be awarded gold tassels and gold and navy Honor’s cords to be worn with the gown. Cum Laude graduates will be awarded gold tassels. All gold tassels and Honor’s cords become the property of the graduate. Tassels and Honor’s cords will be awarded at your school pinning and awards ceremony.

Graduates in a Bachelor degree program can graduate:

Cum Laude – 3.5 to 3.74 Overall GPA

Magna Cum Laude – 3.75 to 3.89 Overall GPA

Summa Cum Laude – 3.90 or greater Overall GPA


Highest Honor graduates will be awarded gold tassels and white and navy cords to be worn with the gown.  Honor graduates will be awarded gold tassels.  All gold tassels and white and navy Honor’s cords become the property of the graduate. Honor tassels and cords will be awarded at your school pinning and awards ceremony.  


Tassels  should  be  worn  on  the  right.   During  the  ceremony,  when  the  degrees  are  conferred by the President, you will be instructed to shift the tassel to the other side. 

Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and Master’s DegreeBlue and Gold
Doctoral Degree (All entries shown below are part of the Doctoral Degree)Color by Discipline
- Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia Apricot      
- Health Administration Salmon      
- Arts and Sciences Black
- Health Professions Sage Green 

Doctor's and Master's Hood - Color by Discipline
- Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia                           Apricot
- Health AdministrationSalmon
- Arts and SciencesBlack
- Health ProfessionsSage Green
- Nutritional Science Dietetic InternshipGold
Master’s Hoods 

All  graduates  completing  a  Master’s  Degree  will  receive  a  hood.  The  hood  will  be  awarded on stage at Graduation. You will receive your hood at your school's pinning ceremony. Please note that you will be responsible for bringing it to the River Center on Graduation Day.  

Doctoral Hoods

All  graduates  completing  a  Doctoral  Degree  will  receive  a  hood.  The  hood  will  be  awarded on stage at Graduation. You will receive your hood at your school's pinning ceremony.  Please note that you will be responsible for bringing it to the River Center on Graduation Day.   

Dress Code


Male graduates should wear dress shirts with ties, dark dress pants and dark shoes.


Female  graduates  should  wear  skirts  or  dresses  and  neutral  colored  shoes  (black,  brown,  tan,  white,  etc.).   If  you  decide  to  wear  pants,  they  should  be  dark.   Please remember that you will be walking across stage so no excessively high heels should be worn.  You will not be allowed to carry a purse of any sort or size onto the area floor.  A small cross body style purse may be worn under your gown if necessary. 


Under  no  circumstances  are  embellishments  to  the  academic  gown  and/or  cap  permitted.  You  may  be  dismissed  from  the  processional  for  inappropriate  attire.   In such instances, your diploma will be mailed to you.  


At the conclusion of the Graduation ceremony, the faculty will exit the Exhibition Hall first to traditional recessional music. Then, the platform party (those sitting on stage) and all graduates will recess to a “Second Line”. Each program will receive two parasols for the graduates to decorate for the Second Line. You can decorate the parasols however you would like- beads, glitters, feathers, sequins, etc. Be creative and make them unique for your program!
The parasols will be distributed to the students by their programs' Academic Coordinators or Administrative Assistants. All decorated parasols are due back to the President’s Office by Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 4 p.m. (two days before Graduation). When you drop off the parasols, be sure to include the name of your program and the names of the students who will carry the parasols for the Second Line. All graduates who do not carry parasols will have FranU handkerchiefs on their chairs to wave during the Second Line. The handkerchiefs are yours to keep as a mementos from the Graduation ceremony. 

Professional Graduation Portraits provided by Lifetouch Photography.

At Graduation Prep Day, each graduate will have the opportunity to take a professional portrait, in full regalia, with Lifetouch Photography. These proofs will be mailed to you directly from Lifetouch, which you will then have the option to purchase. 

On Graduation Day, Lifetouch Photography will take a picture of each graduate as you receive your diploma from the University President. In addition, an official portrait of each graduate will be taken in front of a green screen as you step off of the stage. The photographer will provide you with several background choices for this picture when your proofs are mailed to you at a later date. Proofs of the photographs taken on Graduation Day will be mailed to you directly from Lifetouch, which you will then have the option to purchase.   

To view prices for photo packages, or to view photos from previous Commencements, please log into my Portal to access the Graduation Information page.  

Alumni Information for Graduates

Your official welcome from the FranU Alumni Association

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