Pre-Professional Human Medicine Track

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Pre-professional Human Medicine (HMED) Track - prepares students for subsequent education and training in human medicine, allowing for successful admission to, for example, medical (MD, DO), dental (DDS,DMD), veterinary (DVM), physical therapy (DPT) and physician's assistant (MMS) programs worldwide.

School of Arts and Sciences
Subsequent education and training in human or veterinary medicine


Curriculum Notes:

*Students who wish to apply to medical school should strive to take BIOL4320 and BIOL4321 Biochemistry I and II in their junior year to prepare for the MCAT. These students should work with their advisor to optimize their schedule.

Humanities electives may be taken from ART, ENGL, MUSI, PHIL, THEO, or SPAN courses; 6 hours must be from the same discipline.

Social Sciences electives may be taken from ANTH, PSYC, or SOCI courses.

Human Biology electives may be taken from the following: BIOL 3320, BIOL 3340, BIOL 3370, BIOL 3380, BIOL 4325,  BIOL 4330, BIOL 4335, BIOL 4340, BIOL 4345, BIOL 4350, or BIOL 4365.