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Engaged Learning through Writing

“Through writing, we participate—as students, [future professionals], citizens, and human beings.” — Kathleen Blake Yancey, “Writing in the 21st Century”

As part of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University’s commitment to academic excellence and to your future success, the Engaged Learning through Writing initiative will enhance your learning through purposeful writing experiences in courses across the curriculum.

“Writing” will not be limited to English courses. Faculty will help students understand and use writing as a powerful tool, integrating a wide range of writing opportunities in many different courses. These focused writing opportunities will help you experience deep learning, think critically, and gain confidence in expressing your views to others.

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University’s Engaged Learning through Writing initiative is unlike other programs in the region. Our instructors intentionally design writing experiences:

  • To expand students’ ability to use writing effectively for varied purposes
  • To enhance students’ learning throughout their university career
  • To strengthen students’ foundation for life-long learning beyond university
  • To enable students to explore how different academic experiences affect their personal interests and values

The skills and experiences gained at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University uniquely prepare our graduates for further community participation and personal growth, as well as meeting the demands of constantly changing work environments.

Because Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University values our students’ growth and success, our Writing Center offers services and resources to assist you with your writing. Initially available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the online Writing Center provides specially developed and specially selected course-specific resources, meant to supplement the excellent classroom instruction you will receive. Also, you can arrange for a one-on-one consultation about your writing-in-progress. In the near future, we will be expanding the online services by opening a walk-in Writing Center in a central location on campus, a place to work on your writing, to find answers to questions, or to work with a certified writing consultant. Visit the online Writing Center regularly, and watch for announcements of our new on-campus Writing Center.

The Engaged Learning through Writing initiative resulted from a two-year process that involved ongoing dialogue among students, faculty, staff, and administrators from across the campus to identify an ideal program to enhance student learning.