A Message from the President

Central to our distinctive Franciscan educational tradition is the University's relationship to the community, defined in large part by our nationally recognized program in service-learning. While community service has become a popular, even expected opportunity for most college students, FranU has developed a uniquely integrated program of service-learning that has earned multiple awards because of the added value the program brings to our students' overall learning experience.

Service-Learning at FranU is deeply embedded in academic coursework so that students are able to place their rigorous and sometimes highly specialized course content into a genuine human context. By placing their academic practice in societal terms, our students begin to connect theory with practice, growing and developing as more fully integrated human beings.


Tina S. Holland, PhD

FranU Service-Learning


The mission of the Service-Learning program at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University is to enhance student success through engagement in significant Service-Learning experiences framed by the ideals of a Franciscan Education which focuses on the formation of students’ intellectual, personal, professional, and spiritual development. Additionally, to increase students’ awareness of social justice problems in the community and their civic responsibility of service to those most in need.


The purpose of the Office of Service-Learning is to support the campus-wide Service-Learning program through student orientations, education, and support services, faculty professional development, establishing and maintaining high quality community partnerships, and conducting yearly institutional assessment activities for continual improvement of the Service-Learning Program.

    Community Engagement at FranU

    The entire FranU community is encouraged to adopt the spirit of St. Francis and participate in the many opportunities for engagement both on and off campus.

      Service-Learning Staff

      Dr. Rhoda A. Reddix Director, Service-Learning

      (225) 214-6966 |

      Tessa Mattke — Administrative Assistant, Service-Learning

      (225) 490-1630 |