OLOL College

Ethics Minor


The minor in ethics gives students the opportunity to enrich their ethical formation through the cultivation of methods and the exploration of contemporary issues, many of which are directly relevant for healthcare practitioners. This plan of study is interdisciplinary due to its combination of philosophy and theology courses.


To receive a minor in ethics, students must earn a C or better in 15 hours of course work as outlined below.

Course requirements:

  • PHIL 2315: Current Moral Problems (3 hrs)
  • PHIL 2320: Ethical Issues in Health Care (3 hrs)
  • RELS 3345: Theological Bioethics (3 hrs)
  • RELS 3350: Catholic Social Thought (3 hrs)
  • RELS 3360: Fundamental Moral Theology (3 hrs)

Total Credit Hours (15 hours)

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